While we provide these past papers for free, we do not recommend solely using papers for preparation as your child will not develop and is very unlikely to pass the 11+ exam. 11 plus advice from UK’s only comprehensive resource including free 11 plus sample papers. The 11 Plus Forum - Answers to common questions about the 11 Plus Exam. Verbal Reasoning. It offers complete coverage of Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English for every major test provider. The Key Stage 2 range covers maths and English for both the SATs and 11+ exams, as well as the following: Northern Ireland Transfer Test – Post Primary Transfer Consortium (PPTC) and Association for Quality Education (AQE) exams Introduction . For more in-depth test preparation, you'll find top-quality Study Books, 10-Minute Tests, Practice Question Cards and Practice Test Papers in the CGP 11+ range.

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Using Books and Resources Together. Welcome to Eleven Plus Exams – the most trusted and authoritative 11plus resource. Bond Online and Bond books have helped millions of pupils pass their 11+ and entrance exams. Bond – CEM 11 Plus Full Test and Answers. One of the most effective ways for your child to prepare for the 11 Plus English exam is to focus on reading. Books, assessment papers, mock tests and online practice questions for all your 11 plus subjects for ages 5 to 12. Free Eleven Plus CEM Test Papers. RSL 11 Plus Books: 11+ Comprehension - Practice English Papers & Detailed Answers (Volume 1) ... (not necessarily a pat on the back moment if you manage to best a test designed for 11 year olds), they are fun to go through; and definitely at the level one would want one's child to be aged 11. Buy Bond books Try Bond Online. Non-verbal Reasoning. We have two main series of books: Key Stage 2 and 11+. The 11 Plus Guide – FREE advice and help for the 11 Plus exams.

Browse CGP’s 11+ (CEM, GL and other test providers) books, covering Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, Kent, Bucks and Non-Verbal Reasoning for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Favourites Links.

... 11 Plus Books & Papers. Lots of free 11 plus papers online, revision aids, and practice materials. 11 Plus Subject Advice. Grammar Schools by County. How to plan and prepare for the 11 plus test and advice on what 11 plus papers and books to use.
Interactive question bank - perfect for GL & CEM 11+ exams. Free Maths Assessments List.