CV templates CV examples (over 300 professionally written samples) Graduate CV templates. Contents. Astrophysics and Physics Author: Olivier Restuccia Applied in: Winter 2013 University Offers: Exeter, Warwick. PSE and its contributors do not take any responsibility for the way in which personal statements are used. Submitting any part of these to UCAS in your own application will flag plagiarism software and likely result in your application being declined. Degrees Physics degree courses. Likewise, I have always excelled in mathematics. To give you some inspiration, we have for you two example Physics personal statements, taken from current Oxford students, complete with annotations. As a student with a genuine scientific curiosity I wish to gain a more rigorous understanding of the natural laws which govern the world around us. Please note UCAS will detect any form of plagiarism. Astrophysics and Physics – 2013 (Exeter, Warwick) It is clear to me that Physics is the future: we will always discover some new fascinating phenomenon and whatever it is, it will always require an explanation.

In the lecture, he used his own body weight to show that the period of a pendulum was independent of its mass, explaining a counterintuitive concept with ease and enthusiasm.
WARNING These personal statement examples are for reviewing only. Sample Physics Personal Statement. Online degrees Online physics degree. Ever since I began to study physics, I have consistently received high grades. It made me want to understand nature to the same extent that he had. This personal statement effectively communicates the student’s passion for Physics and Philosophy because it’s full of concrete examples – it doesn’t just make grand, over-arching statements about a love for Physics and Philosophy, but backs them up with evidence of … What first fascinated me, and later inspired me to apply for Physics, was a university lecture I watched by MIT’s Professor Walter Lewin. However, whilst I am proud of my performance in these two subjects, my attachment to them goes much deeper than the satisfaction that I have gained from being awarded top marks in them. On one level, the subjects provide me with a … I was captivated by his exciting life in science, filled with adventures and discoveries.

Physics Personal Statement. It is clear to me that Physics is the future: we will always discover some new fascinating phenomenon and whatever it is, it will always require an explanation.

Following an intense discussion about a ‘New Scientist’ article, my Physics teacher gave me Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman’s autobiography, which ignited my passion for Physics. I feel that a physics degree qualification from your university will give me an excellent start to any future career.” More statements Personal statement examples. Our selection of Physics personal statement examples can be found below. Example Personal Statement 1. The number in brackets denotes the number of examples available via an external link. When reading PhD applications (I have chaired numerous admissions committees), I am really looking for qualities that will determine success as a graduate student.