Article by Lucy E. Parsons, wife of future Haymarket Affair victim Albert Parsons and herself a committed anarchist, from the front page of the premiere issue of The Alarm. They also had a daughter named Lula, born in 1881, who died in Oct 1889. Lucy Parsons Labs is a charitable Chicago-based collaboration between data scientists, transparency activists, artists, & technologists that sheds light on the intersection of … Community Service Parsons addresses herself to the 30,000 unemployed of Chicago and implores them to ascertain the reason for their hunger, ragged clothing and distress. When she is referenced, it's frequently in regard to being the wife of Albert Parsons. Lucy Parsons addressed the founding convention [of the Industrial Workers of the World revolutionary union] on two occasions and her speeches touched on issues close to her heart: the oppression of women and how to develop radical new tactics to win strikes. Lucy Parsons Project management and consultancy - offshore energy and ports and harbours United Kingdom Maritime Lula was listed as "white" on her death certificate. It covers Lucy Parsons, the Haymarket affair, anarchism, the IWW and more. Lucy Parsons Project San Franciso. Lucy Parsons life was remarkable, yet still hidden from mainstream history. New website. 1 like. Lucy Parson's speech to the IWW in 1905. When you … Lucy Parsons Project. Lucy Parsons was an African, Native and Mexican-American revolutionary anarchist labor organizer who was at the forefront of peace and justice struggles her entire life.

Years later Lucy had her son committed to an insane asylum despite testimony that he was mentally sound. About Lucy Parsons The life of Lucy Parsons and the struggles for peace and justice she engaged provide remarkable insight about the history of the American labor movement and the anarchist struggles of the time. Her ideas clearly were in advance of the time, presage the "sit-in" strikes of the … This new and exciting website is a tribute to Lucy Parsons, her work, and the causes she championed. Perhaps the most egregious example of this type of pick-and-choose approach to Lucy Parsons’ legacy is the Lucy Parsons Project website, which posits itself as a “tribute to Lucy Parsons, her work, and the causes she championed.” [8] This would all be well and good if the website actually lived up to its promise. Lucy and Albert had a son named Albert Parsons Jr. born in 1879, and his birth certificate lists his race as "black".