Nursing is one of the only professions that can effect direct positive change into the human life, the human spirit and the human soul. One of the schools question is as follows: Describe your interest in anesthesia. Please describe the professional goals you hope to achieve by pursuing graduate study. In nursing, patients allow us (Nurses) to see them in their most vulnerable state, in their most helpless state. Can anyone offer some advice on the professional goals statement required for most application packets? professional goal statement It takes a special type of person to effectively work as a nurse. Your nursing personal statement should tell the universities you are applying to all about your strengths and where you see yourself in the future as a nurse.

It should give nursing admissions tutors a good picture of who you are and why you would make a valuable candidate for their course. My plan to combine my prior knowledge, past educational and professional experiences and personality qualities to work with me in providing the best possible nursing care and instruction possible. 5 Professional Goals for Nurses Nurses in the current work climate must be consistently looking for ways to remain competitive and abreast of new procedures and expectations in their field. Frostburg State University Statement of Professional Goals. Nurses work in a variety of settings from hospitals, surgery centers, doctor’s offices, schools, and even large companies, and they all share common goals and objectives. I am stumped! Irene Tajong.