Student access to class schedules, grades, report cards, and more Middle and High School students will now have access to their own StudentVUE account. Welcome to the only Design and Technology AND Engineering website you will need. 40 Of The Best Learning Apps For Elementary Students .

View any student’s screen on your iPad or Mac. In case you’re using a Pixel device, you don’t need the Stay Focused app as you get access to Google’s Digital Wellbeing app which does pretty much the same thing. Blackboard is Blackboard's first mobile app centered around one type of user: students. Whether you are a student at one of the nation’s many traditional or online colleges, studying is an essential way to keep your grades up and pass your exams. The app is quite useful if you often find yourself being distracted by social media apps like Instagram and is a must have for all students using an Android device.
Millions of people use Any.Do to organize their tasks. Now, while studying can mean hours spent in the library, it doesn’t have to be so boring! Open a world of reading. There are apps for everything: literacy, STEM, productivity, audiovisual, etc.

Created to better engage students in lecture content, the app was used to deliver multiple-choice content-based quizzes directly to students’ personal mobile devices post-lecture and pre-tutorial. Options for technology to help your ADHD student include apps, video games, gadgets, timers, and white noise. The finished product can be shared via social media, uploaded to YouTube, or embedded in a student’s e-portfolio. This application is perfect for students who need to create a to-do list. Thus, when using them, students can focus more on their studies.
Download Rubric (PDF) “The app allows students to select a theme, music, images or videos, add captions and/or two lines of text, and within minutes a slick video is created. 1. Top 15 Study Apps for College Students . Parents and students can still use the Focus website on desktop computers, but the app is designed to work better with mobile devices. DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY Listly by TeachThought. VCU isn’t the only school planning to monitor student attendance with controversial technology (or already doing so). Finding the right app is important: different apps are targeted at different learning needs and styles, and matching the app to the student will always be important. Harness the power of Blackboard anytime, anywhere. The app, developed by Focus, helps families access student information on their cellphones and mobile devices. This app includes: The ultimate Interactive Mobile PDF App (IMPA) - on the 'Skills of the Blacksmith - Forging'.